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Anti Blocking Agent "GLAPERA"

GLAPERA is unique Anti-Blocking additive made of glass manufactured by IGC (Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.)
What is Anti-Blocking additives?
Plastic film/sheet has property to stick each other under moderate pressure and heat during extrusion. Anti-Blocking additive prevents the undesirable adhesion between touching layers of films. Such surface modifying additives help formulator to improve this property by destroying the surface smoothness and by decreasing the coefficient of friction of film/sheet.
What is the problems with most of Anti-Blocking additives?
Crashed fine powder such as Talc, Diatomaceous soil, Calcium carbonate and feldspar have been added as Anti-Blocking additive for a long time. However, the quality is unstable because these are natural products. These days, synthetic silica, of which quality is stable is used as an alternative. 
On the other hand, it is problem that it can be the cause of haze because the refraction index is not similar to that of resin.  Anti-Blocking additive GLAPERA solves the problems above.
Advantage of GLAPERA
  • Good Transparency
    The refraction index of AB additive is similar to that of resin.
  • Good heat durability
  • No reaction with the other additives contained in resin
  • No thermal expansion during extrusion: Small absorbency
  • No particle fracture during melt-mixing
  • Low dosage level: Non-uniform particles


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