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SteriRITE™ Sterilization Indicators

Standard 5000 dots roll
A number of methods of sterilization have been developed to address the needs for medical device sterilization.
Autoclave sterilization, Gamma sterilization, E-beam sterilization, and ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilization are primary methods used. 
Sterilization indicators are commonly used as an assurance that the sterilization process has been properly performed. When proper sterilization conditions are achieved, the special indicator inks will change to a specific color. 
As the manufacture of SteriRite™ brand of sterilization indicators, we can provide sterilization indicators in various forms such as “dots,” tape, strips or onto custom forms.  Some customers want the “dots” pre-applied to printed labels which PMA supplies in a roll form.
The “dots” typically come on rolls of 5000 or 1000 pieces and come with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. CUSTOM indicators are also available. 

In order to ensure quality, especially of the ETO sterilization indicators, we have initiated a new packaging design that is unrivalled in the industry.  ETO, Gamma, and Autoclave indicators labels are all packed in a vacuum sealed foil bag for protections from moisture, gas and sunlight. The foil bag has a tear top and a re-sealable “zip-lock” type seal. 
in vacuum sealed foil bag

Why use SteriRITE™ sterilization indicators ?