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NBK America LLC
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About Us

NBK is a historical company starting in 1560 that designs and develops Machine Components.
NBK manufactures various high quality standardized metal screws, Clamping Screws/Bolts, Ball/Pin Plungers, and Clamp Levers that are all made in Japan.

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As for the Specialty Screws, NBK has vented Screws, Low Profile Screws, Captive Screws, Special Material Screws (Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Phosphor Bronze, etc.), Tamper Proof Screws, Anti-Loosening Screws, Screw Plugs and more. Flexible customizations are available as necessary.
Furthermore, NBK is a Shaft Coupling Manufacturer with the widest variation in the world. Thus, NBK can suggest the most suitable couplings for each customers' request.
Re-Boring, Keyway Cutting, Clean Washing/Packing Services, and Fully Customized products are available.
In particular, NBK's original Anti-Vibration Couplings make stabilization time shorter by suppressing vibrations, thus enabling improvement of industrial productivity.
NBK's products are used in many industries such as Semiconductor Manufacturing, Medical Device, Machine Tools, Food/Beverage, Optics, and Automation.
NBK supplies the best products and solutions that help customers overcome their challenges.