Why Solid Spot?

Experience and Craftsmanship

Solid Spot is focused on providing high quality injection molded and machined screws, bolts, nuts, washers, springs and tie-bands. We offer over 2000+ types of injection molded plastic fasteners as off-the-shelf items and provide custom machined parts built to the customer's specifications. We are a top supplier to semiconductor and medical equipment makers, electronics manufacturers and customers who insist on quality polymer fasteners.

Physical Strength Differences

Our trusted vender's products make significant differences in physical strength and quality.

• Higher density of polymer by strong pressure injection molding
• Evenly injected material by experienced mold design
• Using high quality polymers
• Strictly controlled ratio of recycled polymer
• Less voids (see cross-section View 250.00μm/div below)
Overall Injection Molding Quality
Overall Injection Molding Quality
Our product 

Thick and sharp thread ridges like made by machining.
Surface is very smooth and shiny by high-quality mold.
No damage by forcing out of the mold.
Parting line is even, so, no seam is visible.

Company A

Thread is very thin and weak.
Rough surface by poor quality mold.
Head is damaged and bent by force.

Company B

Thread ridge is dull and diameter is smaller than standard (large tolerance). Parting line is not even, so seam is visible.
Bottom of screw is damaged by force. Surface is very rough by mold quality.

1. Mold Design Technology

Mold design and position of gates are very important for injection molding.
Polymers should be injected and flowed evenly all over the inside of the mold. Mold design is very important to create uniform fasteners. Poorly designed molds cause non-uniform flowing which result in uneven products and quality problems. Long years of mold design and injection molding experience make the diferrences.

Phillips Head difference

LEFT: Our Phillips Head. Holds screw driver tightly.
RIGHT: Other's Phillips Head. Screw driver is easily slips out of the screw.

2. Highest grade Material for Molds

The highest grades of materials are used for the molds to create clean and high quality fasteners.

3. Materials (Resins) Quality

Our products use trusted material venders. We guarantee the materials and can provide Certificate of Conformance upon request.

4. Importance of virgin materials

Many plastics such as PEEK can be melted and re-used for injection molding again and again. However, Material characteristics such as Tensile strength, rupture torque, and thermal properties are degraded each time the materials are re-molded. Some companies re-use a large percentage of scrapped materials again and again. Even if the fasteners look same, the invisible quality inside is totally different.

5. Molding Techniques

Injection molding is a very skilled and sensitive operation. Even small temperature or humidity differences affect the result. Our fasteners have very tight tolerances which show their craftsmanship. We have multiple customers who experienced problems with other companies' fasteners due to quality problems and they switched to our products.

6. Annealing

Annealing is important process to relieve the internal stresses introduced into the fasteners during processing. Fast cooling often results in a formation of internal stresses which may cause dimensional distortion of the part and even cracking. It's important to spend enough time for annealing.

7. Finishing

We focused on the details. Some companies just cut out the fasteners from the runners, but We finishes all the cutting surface and cleaning the edges which reduces burr problems and provides clean fasteners.

8. Inspection

Our products pass strict inspections. If the result does not meet the quality standard, these fasteners are destroyed.
Our factories are certified to the ISO 9001 quality management system.

9. Price

Our products price is competitive or less than other fastener makers, but with the highest quality. Our products provide the best cost performance, and reliability.

Quality of the mold
Mold quality difference
Other manufacture's

Thread is very thin and the majority of body part is visible.
Body part surface is very rough by poor mold quality.

Our product

Thread is thick, so body part is almost invisible.
Clean and sharp thread ridges like made by machining.

Gate size
Gate size
Other manufacture's

Small gate is easy to cut the screws off from runner and save finishing cost. However small gate can not provide enough injection pressure and it causes uneven material density and voids.

Our product

Large gate can inject with enough pressure to spread the material evenly all over the mold. This creates high density, even, less void screws. Large gate requires skills of cutting out from runners and more finishing processes which we provide.

Cross-section View  (250.00μm/div)
Cross-section View  (250.00Ám/div)
Other manufacture's

Cross-section is not uniform density and there are many voids which are a cause of weakness.

Our  product

Cross-section is uniform and even material density.
There are no voids seen.

Finishing differences
Finishing differences
Other manufacture's

Dirty cutting surface from runner.
No finishing process.

Our product

Sharp and clean cutting surface from runner. Our products are finished the cutting surface one by one as their standard finishing process.

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